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Power your fleet with SQ.7

SQ.7 Fleet Maintenance Software

SQ.7 is your best choice for fleet maintenance software. It reflects 25 years spent supporting and improving fleet management. This is what our customers tell us:

  • SQ-7 is easy to use,
  • SQ-7 is effective and powerful,
  • SQ-7 has what they need as well as what they want,
  • SQ-7 offers what may be the most extensive list of reports in the business,
  • SQ-7 is highly cost-effective.

Our customers chose Squarerigger because their colleagues in the industry recommended us. We earned their trust through consistently putting our customers first.

The SQ-7 Fleet Maintenance software program is used by fleets of all sizes. It gives you the power to more accurately analyze and report critical information about vehicles, equipment, staff and operations. Keep your costs under control, and keep your organization running smoothly.

Mobile shop handheld running fleet management software

SQ.7 Mobile Shop allows you to run your shop or service trucks using ruggedized Pocket PC wireless hand held computers with built in barcode scanners. This greatly reduces the time it takes to enter data such as services, parts and PM's and minimizes errors caused by data entry. The end result is more wrench time which means your vehicles spend less time in the shop and your customers spend more time smiling.

Mobile shop management – handheld computers for efficiency – employee time management – inventory management - VMRS codes – invoicing – automated fuel data from cardlock systems – interface to external accounting systems – motor pool management – vehicle reservation – context-sensitive help – repair and mechanic cost tracking – preventive maintenance scheduling – cascading services – purchase orders – physical inventory tracking – invoicing with flexible markups – outside work – the list goes on and on and on.

These are just a few of the many features brought to you in SQ.7. To learn more go to our products page or click here to request more information.

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