Efficiency Anywhere

SQSidekick maintains the same high operational efficiency as SQCore and is designed for use both in shops and remote locations. Its app-based user interface is familiar to technicians, which significantly enhances adoption rates—a common challenge among fleet maintenance managers. It seamlessly synchronizes data between the mobile application and SQCore, ensuring that no data is lost. Even when connectivity is an issue, SQSideKick stores data locally and automatically updates SQCore once connectivity is restored, making it a reliable tool across various working environments.


Work Orders

Technicians can manage work orders directly from their mobile devices with Mobile Work Order, syncing to SQCore and allowing them to create, edit, and complete tasks without leaving their workstations or relying on a desktop computer. This mobility not only facilitates work on both new and existing orders—including adding services, parts, kits, and assigning tasks—but also significantly reduces time spent away from vehicles. The result is increased wrench time and enhanced productivity. 

Request Work

Mobile Work Request empowers users to submit work requests directly from their mobile devices, seamlessly updating SQCore in real-time. When a user enters a request—such as reporting malfunctioning air conditioning or any other maintenance need—the information is automatically populated in SQCore's Work Pending area. This allows for thorough review and approval before the request is officially posted to a work order. This streamlined process ensures that all maintenance and repair needs are efficiently captured and managed, enhancing responsiveness and maintaining operational continuity.


Efficiently manage your inventory across one or several warehouse locations with our comprehensive Inventory management system. Whether tracking and transferring parts between warehouses or conducting physical inventories, our mobile inventory application streamlines these processes. It allows for quick, easy inventory checks without the need for operational shutdowns, ensuring the accuracy of your parts on hand at all times. Users can scan bar codes from their mobile device and everything updates in SQCore in real time. This tool is designed to optimize your inventory operations, making them more efficient and less disruptive.

Mobile Inspections

Mobile Inspection streamlines the inspection process by allowing users to input data directly into a mobile device syncing inspection data to SQCore. The app comes preloaded with standard inspection forms for various types of equipment, simplifying the selection process. Users can easily complete checklists, note necessary repairs or concerns, and manage documentation. Completed forms can be printed, emailed, or stored for future reference, enhancing efficiency and organization.

Equipment Ready

Drive Ready allows users to update equipment status as ready or not directly from their mobile devices, providing management and dispatchers with real-time visibility of unit readiness. This feature ensures that the current status of all equipment, whether in the yard or shop, is communicated efficiently. Users can also indicate expected readiness times (which dispatchers find particularly useful), apply red tags to units, and submit work requests that update in SQCore's Work Pending.

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