Fleet Maintenance Management Software

Introducing the SQCore Platform (previously known as SQ.7). The next generation of industry integrated fleet maintenance management software designed for efficiency and ease. The platform and companion mobile application promote technician adoption and simplify time tracking, inventory management, and accounting. With Squarerigger, you will benefit from real-time updates, streamlined workflows, and reduced errors, all through an intuitive interface.


Time Tracking

Gain real-time oversight of technicians and assign tasks, monitor efficiency, and track time with ShopWatch. Available on both the desktop and an easy-to-use mobile application. It provides managers with the visibility needed to optimize productivity and identify training needs, ensuring more effective wrench-time from your technicians.


Simplify the process of uploading cost and billing data with FinancialLink. This tool seamlessly connects our maintenance software with your accounting software, eliminating the need for double data entry. Perform an entry once, and financial data is updated automatically across both platforms.


Efficiently manage your inventory across one or several warehouse locations with our comprehensive Inventory management system. Whether tracking and transferring parts between warehouses or conducting physical inventories, our mobile inventory application streamlines these processes. It allows for quick, easy inventory checks without the need for operational shutdowns, ensuring the accuracy of your parts on hand at all times. This tool is designed to optimize your inventory operations, making them more efficient and less disruptive.


Streamline your maintenance and repair workflow with QuickBuy, which enables the automatic creation of purchase orders directly from work orders. If you discover a part is missing during a repair, you can promptly order it without additional forms or delays, ensuring the job progresses smoothly and efficiently.

Business Intelligence

The Squarerigger platform features a robust Business Intelligence suite that includes over 300 standard reports and a comprehensive KPI dashboard with key functionalities such as real-time analytics and customizable displays.. Users have the ability to tailor reports and set their own KPIs.  These features allow you to focus on the metrics most critical to your business.

Service Coding

Our platform incorporates the American Trucking Association's VMRS system, offering a comprehensive set of service codes as a standard feature. If the VMRS codes do not meet your specific requirements, our Service Coding feature provides the flexibility to utilize your own system or any other service coding system that suits your needs. This adaptability ensures that you can manage and report services in a way that aligns with your operational preferences and requirements.


Squarerigger enables users to seamlessly track and import fuel data from various cardlock fueling stations and tracking systems with FuelConnect., including Gasboy, Petrovend, Comdata, and others, through direct integration.

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